What We're About

We enjoy our work. Building homes for people is fun and fufilling. It's also about keeping track of a lot of details and parts.  So what are the big ideas that keep us focused? What we like to learn and improve on is how to deliver 3 primary goals in a manner that still keeps our homes affordable to most everyone.

  • Simiplicity

    We've noticed over time that simplifying a process, building system, or design, leads to a durable long lasting product that typically looks better, ages better and is easier to maintain over time.

  • Design

    You're building a house because you want to live in a space that enhances your soul. We understand, and that's why we pay attention to design trends and details.  Our experience will help you design a home you love for a price you like.

  • Durability

    Yes, your new home looks good. Yes, your new home is efficient.  And with our help it will last a long time. We work with our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure your home is built right with materials to last.

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